VSPETS is an Internet competition for all pets. Enter your own pet and start competitions against other pets. Win battles to earn coins, and redeem coins for prizes in the store!


3 Day Battles:
Battles are competitions between two pets which last for three days. People across the world vote and share their thoughts, comments and opinions on the match-up throughout the duration of the battle. At the end of the battle, a winner is determined based on votes from the Internet community.

Winning, Losing, and Ties:
Winning a battle on VSPETS is the ultimate rush. Not only are you rewarded by knowing your pet is extra special, you also receive the most possible Paw Points and Pet Coins from the battle. If your pet happens to lose a battle, you neither lose nor gain Pet Coins or Paw Points. In the event your battle ends in Draw, the two pet combatants split the winnings evenly.

   Pet Coins:
Pet Coins are the official currency on VSPETS. Pet Coins can be redeemed in the VSPETS Store for prizes. Pet Coins are accumulated by Winning or Tying in a battle.

+2 Pet Coins for winning a battle
+1 Pet Coin for a tie

Paw Points:
Paw Points are accumulated by your activity on VSPETS. There are several ways to gain points:

- Vote on a battle
- Rate +1 on battle comment

- Profile Paw
- Forum Post Paw

- Tie Battle

- Win battle
- Add forum post

  Paw Levels:
The Paw Level System shows how experienced your pet is on VSPETS. Your pet can reach new levels by accumulating Paw Points. More activity on VSPETS means more Paw Points. This is Paw Level breakdown:

  0-2,499 ... Grey
  2,500 - 4,999 ... Red
  5,000 - 9,999 ... Orange
  10,000 - 19,999 ... Green
  20,000 - 39,999 ... Magenta
  40,000 - 79,999 ... Purple
  80,000 - 159,999 ... Yellow
  160,000 - 319,999 ... Blue
  320,000 - 639,999 ... Brown
  640,000 + ... Black


Enter Your Pet:
VSPETS is a competition for all pets: reptiles, birds, dogs, cats, horses — you name it. Entering your own pet is simple. Sign Up with a valid Email address, Fill out your pet's profile, and UPLOAD YOUR PET'S PHOTO.

Starting Battles:
Once you have setup your pet, you can start competitions versus other pets on VSPETS. Starting battles is essential to your pet's ascension to the top of the VSPETS Ranks. Here is a quick step-by-step tutorial on initiating battles:

1.  Locate a Pet you would like to compete against
2.  View that Pet's full profile
3.  Click the big red 'START BATTLE !' button in the center of the pet profile

DONE! You will be prompted with a link to the newly created battle.


Best In Show:
The Best In Show page is the podium for the Top Pets on VSPETS. You can also view a breakdown of the top pets by pet type and date.

The key to becoming Best In Show is: WINNING. The higher your pet's win count, the higher they are ranked on the Best In Show page.

Where do you spend your hard-earned Pet Coins? The VSPETS Store of course! In the VSPETS Store, Pet Coins can be redeemed for a number of items. There are two types of items offered at the store:

1.  Actual physical prizes which are mailed to you. These items include T-shirts, stickers, and pet toys. You will be prompted to enter your mailing address when purchasing at the store.
2.  Prizes which are proudly displayed on your pet's profile. Show off your pet's personality by buying items your pet loves!

*VSPETS Store item prices may change at anytime. Be sure to spend your coins when the price is right!

You can follow your favorite pets by clicking the 'Follow' button, which is located right below the pet card on their VSPETS profile page. Following allows you to keep track of your favorite pets and view their activity on the News page.

In the news section there are 3 different news feeds:

1. All View all of the news on VSPETS.
2. Following View news of the pets you are following.
3. Followers View news of the pets which are following you.

You must be logged in to view Following/Followers news


How many battles can I start at one time?
You can start 9 battles at any given time. It is possible to be engaged in more than 9 battles at a time if other pets initiate battles with your pet.

I reached the battle limit, when can I start another battle?
When the battles you initiated end. Battles last 3 days.

I have almost a hundred pet cats, can I enter multiple pets on VSPETS?
We currently only allow one pet per Email address.

My pet keeps losing battles, what am I doing wrong?
Uploading a photo of your pet is most important. Be sure to use good quality photo of your actual pet. Also, completely fill out your Pet's profile. You can also try sprucing up your pet’s bio and title!

I just bought a T-shirt from the VSPETS Store, how long will it take to get delivered?
Six to eight weeks. VSPETS will notify you immediately of any delays.

Do you ship items purchased in the VSPETS Store outside of the U.S.?
Currently, we only ship items in the U.S.. In the near future we plan on expanding internationally.

Will I be notified when my battles end?
Yes. Once your battles end, you will be notified of the outcome by Email.

How do I delete/remove my account?
Simply set your pet to 'inactive' state. VSPETS team members sort through and remove pets which are set to inactive on a regular basis.