Our aim is to bring health and love to all animals, bring pet owners together, and increase communication in the pet community. With this mission in mind, we have initiated the “VSPETS No Pet Left Behind” Act. On this page you will find information regarding this act, as well as links to organizations that we believe are strong supporters of our beliefs. We developed this page as our mission to fulfill the potential and joy between people and animals.

The “VSPETS No Pet Left Behind” Act is an aid program for disadvantaged pets, that sets a standard for pet ownership in the pet community based on the quality of life for animals. Since pets are not able to communicate and report, we want this act to increase the accountability of every pet owner.

At VSPETS, we want to extend our hands to the paws. As part of the Act, we want to publicize three ways to help animals.

1. Familiarize yourself with ways to report animal cruelty in your area.
2. Volunteer at animal shelters, rescue organizations or even to your neighbor whose pet is in need of attention.
3. Start a food bank for pets in your community.

We at VSPETS believe that if you see an animal experiencing any type of abuse, it should be reported immediately. Additionally, we strongly support the idea of pet adoption, for those pets that otherwise would be left behind. We must remember that we are the voice for these animals.

To get more information on how to support the “VSPETS No Pet Left Behind” Act, we encourage you to visit the websites of these two organizations, which we strongly support:

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

The American Humane Association